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The Complete Playboy Centerfolds

It's a sad story that's happened to a lot of guys: at some point, some woman in your life - mom, girlfriend, wife - found your stash of Playboys and demanded you throw them out. Or, worse, took it upon herself to toss them for you. (This was a lot more prevalent pre-Internet.) I know guys in their 50s and 60s who are still lamenting classic issues hitting the dumpster under orders from She Who Must Be Obeyed. (Poor bastards.)

Fortunately ol' Hef wants to make sure you can once again relive your days of hiding in your room and getting yourself through puberty with Miss October. This November 25th, he and Playboy are releasing "Playboy - The Complete Centerfolds", a 720 page, 32 pound tome that includes every single one of the 625 centerfolds since Marilyn Monroe posed for the first in 1953.

You won't have to squint either. The book is 22 3/4 inches long - the same length as the magazine - so each centerfold is reproduced exactly as it appeared when first published. (Minus the staples from the early issues.)
Included are the original shots of now-famous former Playmates including Jenny McCarthy, Anna Nicole Smith, and Pamela Anderson. (For you older guys, Jayne Mansfield and Stella Stevens are in there too.)

The book will come in a velvet-lined carrying case (made from Hef's old pajamas?), with a combination lock to keep prying eyes away. Which is good, because with a price tag of about $500 it'd be that much more painful if she finds out what's inside and starts harassing you to toss it.

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