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35 Other Misguided Books by Celebrity Experts We'd Like to See
With Paul Lirette of Blame The Mascot

Lynn Spears, mother of the serial-marrying, head-shaving, umbrella-wielding, drunken-driving, baby-endagering Britney, and freshly knocked-up jailbait Jaime Lynn, has a book deal to write a guide book on parenting. On. Parenting.

Thankfully, someone at the publishing house regained consciousness long enough to Google Mrs. Spears' children and decided maybe her parenting advice shouldn't be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. And postponed the book "indefinitely".

Since book publishers seem to equate "famous" with "expert", here is a list of some other misguided celebrity expert guides we'd like to see:

Intelligent Leadership, by George W. Bush

Success and the Humble Executive, by Donald Trump

The Older the Grape, The Sweeter the Wine: The Joy of Sex With Women Over 18, by R. Kelly

Coming Back Stronger: How I Used Holistic Healing to Speed My Post-Surgery Recovery, by Andy Petitte

Silence is Golden, by Rosie O’Donnell

101 Cold Remedies, by Jim Henson

Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife - The Important Commandment, by Bill Clinton

Instruments Are Optional: The Art of Night Flying, by John F. Kennedy, Jr.

How to Satisfy Your Woman Every Time, by Clay Aiken

Coast to Coast Daddy: The Long Distance Nurturing Parent, by Alec Baldwin

At the Beep - The Voicemail Etiquette Handbook, by Pat O'Brien

Your Guide to a Long and Successful Marriage, by Pam Anderson (with foreword by Britney Spears)

Walking, by Christopher Reeve

Cooking with Tuna, by Jessica Simpson

The Altruistic Citizen: Creating a Tolerant World, by Michael Richards (with foreword by Mel Gibson)

One Day at a Time: The Benefits of Rehab, by Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan

Religious and Spiritual Freedom for All, by Tom Cruise

Snow Mogul: Advanced Skiing Techniques, by Sonny Bono

Keeping an Open Mind: Everyone's Opinion Counts, by Ann Coulter

Spare the Rod: Compassionate Canine Obedience Training, by Michael Vick

Buns of Steel, by Jennifer Love Hewitt

No Means No, by Mike Tyson (with foreword by Kobe Bryant)

The Gentle Man's Guide to Lovemaking, by Marv Albert

Winning Ways, by Cam Cameron, Head Coach, Miami Dolphins

Everyday Sanity, by Paula Abdul

The Executive Conscience: Business, Ethics, and Putting Your Employees First, by Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling

Singing Live!, by Ashlee Simpson, with special contribution by Milli Vanilli

Gadar- How to Tell if He's Really Into You, by Senator Larry Craig

Conversations Are a Two Way Street: How to Speak AND Listen, by Bill O'Reilly

Staying On Top: Maintaining a Successful Career After Winning an Oscar, by Cuba Gooding Jr.

Pulling Out, by Kevin Federline

Words Hurt - The Art of Constructive Criticism, by Simon Cowell

Flight Plans for Dummies, by Steve Fossett

The Right Dress for Any Occasion, by Ellen DeGeneres

Locker Room Confidential- What Happens Here, Stays Here, by Jose Canseco (with forward by Jim Bouten)


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