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“Enduring the facts of life”
Jeet Gurung
Years back, when I lost my father, my Mom told me, “Learn to face the fact and endure everything that comes in life" ,the words hit me like a powerful punch.
Now, some years back my wife told me about an exciting offer that paid really well. The only grasp was that we would have to relocate. Though being met with excitement and positive words such as, "That's great. You can do it," she told me, "You can move on". The words once again hit me like a powerful blow. All the confidence I had in myself strengthen me to carry on, I caught a quick glimpse of my surrounding, and all I could think of was this great untapped potential I had. Before I met her, everyone ( except my Mom) always said  I’m "going to fail in this just like everything else you're going to do in life" and would be "just another someone".
But that was then, now I know with my wife and my Mom beside me I was going places and I was going  fast. In all of our six years of our marriage, my wife has been my backbone; nothing I did was good enough unless she had that refinement touch to claim the fame.

In order to survive and to be the best person I could be, I realized that I’ve acquired a precious mom, friend, lover, wife, and the mother of my great son and a superb environment to accelerate. I did not have the slightest idea where my path was going to lead before this unruffled female held my hand. I just knew I had to go a long way from the torment I had been in. Still, in the back of my mind, I wonder if my Mom’s and wife’s words shouldn’t have been here with me to furnish any real value.

"I found myself in an arm of a complete woman, who proved to be a continuous source of my strength."

I found myself in an arm of a complete woman, who proved to be a continuous source of my strength. She shared some incredible understanding, and one kernel that stuck with me was, "words only have as much power as I will allow them to have". For the years then, I rebuilt my crushed self-esteem and embarked on the path of my dream. The beginning stages were a bit different because my past still obsessed me. With great perseverance originated from the incredible support of the two incredible women in my life, I wiped out all of the negative attitudes and replaced them with attitudes of empowerment.
I once came across a very adamant boss that I dreaded working for. He was prejudiced, egotistical, and pompous. Fortunately, once again my wife gave me some very good advice on a predominantly difficult day when I told her I was going to quit. She wrote me the following message as a tiny note that I have carried with me ever since. It reads: “I know how good you are. We know the vastness within you. Anyone who really knows you realizes you are an exceptional, kind and special person.When the Devil comes knocking and the wind blows against you, know who you are and don’t let him win. I love and respect you as a hubby, mate and friend".

This tiny note is well tatty, as it is several years old now. The message, however, remains the same. If I let the storm knock me over and the evil spirit sees that his discouragement has overcome me – he has won. Enduring to the end is tough for all of us, but knowing that there is more down the road and some one like my wife - helps me work harder to be the kind of person that I need to be.

Six years later, with my newly rebuilt mentality, when I look back on what I have accomplished, I do believe that words accompanied by deeds are power. The ones I choose to listen to are the ones that will bring me that much closer to my goal.

“Deep within you  and your relationship dwells slumbering power.”

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