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Are you getting attracted to another person?

Here's the scenario; you are in love and you have progressed in relationship. Both of you are happy with each other and plan to think of future. And a third person enters your life. You are in love with that person. You find animal magnetism in that new entrant and feel quite helpless. You wish to break up with your old flame and develop relationship with the new. "You are getting confused about what you should do?"

This is not very unusual. Many marriages have been broken because of this. Many relationships got destroyed because of this. The failure to understand what is happening and the failure of right judgment may leave both the earlier partners destroyed. Take a closer look at this situation and then analyze the options.

The first step would be to assess the earlier relationship. Find out whether you will be happy after breaking that. If you find that unhappiness will be more than any possible gains, you must drop the idea of developing the new relation and carry on with the earlier one.

If you are getting very much attracted with the new entrant, please think about your reasons. What are the reasons of your attraction? Is it only lust or something else? Will you be more satisfied in the new relationship? Or will that be temporary as one more person enters your life.

A relationship cannot be developed on sudden attraction. It has to grow slowly and both the partners contribute to make a good relationship. Before entering into a new relationship, please weigh all the options and then decide. Hasty and emotional action can lead to long-term pain.

So, before you make wrong decision and and end up like a loser; weigh your relationship with your present flame. What makes you think of a break-up? Think how much his/her absence is going to affect you. Will that make you happy? Is it worth sacrificing your relationship for third person who's just entered into your life?


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