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Prevent Pound Rebound

After months of vigorous stretching, sweating and filtering everything before you eat it, you have finally reached your target weight. But don’t relax yet for now is when the real work begins; keeping yourself there.
Between 90 – 95% of people who diet, regain most or all of the weight they lost within five years. And the worst part is - according to  America’s National Weight Control Registry, the pounds we regain are harder to lose – and keep off – than those we initially lost! I know it’s so unfair!
So after some rounds with what the experts had to say, we’ve gathered the 7 top tips to stop the pounds from piling back on. Stick it up on your office drawer if you have to!
1.     Share the meals on the table but not the portions: If you feel like it, you can take anything form the table, just take a fewer chips, less drinks and definitely smaller pieces of meat.
2.     Keep up the exercise: Now that we know that the weight we regain is harder to lose, we certainly cannot afford to stop exercising. Keep up with your regular workouts by taking out at least 20 minutes for a brisk walk, jog or stretching.
3.     Eat only when you’re hungry: Experts advise to grade your hunger on a scale of   one to five, where one is not hungry and five is ravenous. When you reach level three eat otherwise substitute your hunger pang with water.
4.     Scale yourself once a week: Everyday scaling can give you false impressions of your weight, as the pounds actually fluctuate daily due to water retention. By weighing in only regularly, you know whether your weight is under control or not.
5.     Have a treat a day: Treat yourself to one favorite food a day so that you can enjoy your new weight and your most loved foods.
6.     Keep just one of your diet rules: Yes, you can now throw away your strict diet plans but make sure you keep atleast one of them, one which yout hink affects your weight the most. This way you can relax, but won’t be slipping back into your old habits.
7.     Pause: Is that chocolate cake looking too good to miss? Then realize that this is not hunger but craving, so whenever you crave pause for 15 minutes and keep yourself busy with other stuff. Chances are the urge will have passed. But if you’re still craving for it then go ahead and have the cake but remember you’ll have to cut down on the next meal!

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