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Engender the Flower Power!

Flowers, besides being exquisite assets for home décor; they bring freshness and tranquil feelings along with them. Just as the much the presence of flowers maybe pleasing to eyes, a bad presentation can fail to create that feeling that it should. So, before you place the flower anywhere in your home, make sure that you give them a proper arrangement.

There is no perfect rule of thumb for arranging flowers as long as you like it and as long as it makes happy to you! Yes, the gorgeous bouquets of perfect flowers in stunning vases look lovely in magazines; however, home decors means budget! So, forget the extravagant arrangements and use your own creativity for making small arrangements; for it can just have as much, if not more, charm, appeal and beauty.

Below are some tips for creative flower arrangements:

  • Remember that flower arrangements need not be perfect; yet you should have a shape of arrangement in your mind before you start. You can also experiment to match the room décor with one of the hottest flower trends. Whether it’s the arrangement of all one type of flower or using all one color palettes, such as range of pinks, have a picture in your mind that appeals you. 
  • If you are using your own container for the flowers, it’s the time to be creative. You can use champagne glasses, china pieces or other items that fit the décor of the room. Even tattered clay pots make fascinating containers for a casually placed flower arrangement. While placing the flowers in the container, make sure that the flowers face outward and it’s the right angle for your shape.
  • It’s always a good idea to place the largest flower at the bottom of your arrangement. Group the smaller flowers so that they’re easy to handle. You can also arrange the small flowers by arranging them close to each other, or bundle them together with a ribbon or rubber band.
  • Use all the flowers, putting them into the spaces. Then, fill up the holes with some greens. Make sure the greens don't stick out; they should just come to where the shape of your flower ends.

Another way to create a magic with flowers is just to float two or three blooms, such as open roses or gerbera daisies in a favorite crystal bowl.
Colors speak messages so while choosing flowers, use soothing colors like blues and greens to create peaceful feeling or bright reds and oranges for a more energetic arrangement. Yellows and peaches are nurturing and pinks and lavenders are romantic!


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