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Tips for shooting a Wedding Video

The marriage season is here and it is likely that you take the filming responsibilities if you are attending any of your close relatives’ or a friend’s wedding. Even if you may not be a professional, the bride and the groom will expect you to film their wedding with as much expertise.

As such, when you are asked to video tape a wedding for anyone, a little pre-planning can go a long way. Here are some tips for shooting video that will make the wedding video look like it is done by a professional.

Before you video tape a wedding;

Talk To the Bride and Groom
If you discuss with the bride and groom what they want from their wedding video, it will give you a better understanding of what kind of wedding video they are expecting. They may also want you to arrive early to film the wedding preparation or for some people, simply filming the ceremony will do.

Be Prepared
Charge your camcorder battery the night before the wedding and test your camcorder to make sure everything is in working condition.
You should also bring at least one more tape than you think you will need. Label the tapes ahead of time, so that it’s easier to keep them in order. Take an extra battery or two, as just one probably won't last you through the whole day. If you don't have enough batteries, be sure to bring your charger so that you can recharge the batteries during down time!

Arrive Early
Try to arrive at least thirty minutes the guests are expected to arrive. It gives you extra time to familiarize yourself with the surrounding if you are not already, and also help you find a good view of everything.

Bring a Tripod
Your arms will thank you for bringing a tripod to the wedding with you. Weddings can be long, and as your arm gets shaky your video will start to get shaky as well.

White Balance
Nothing is worse than shooting a great wedding video only to find out that the video is too dark. Every time you take your camcorder to the wedding ceremony as well as the reception, white balance your camcorder. Most camcorders will have a white balance button, or a menu option for white balance. So, before you get there, read through your camcorders manual and determine where your camcorders white balance button is.
After you reach the venue, find something around you that is white in the room. Zoom your camcorder into the white so that is all you see in the viewfinder. Press the white balance button.

Know the Schedule
During the reception, you may want to record special messages from the guests to the couples; and the decorations and gifts, so be prepared for it. When you arrive at the reception, you might also want to film special and important parts like the bride and the groom dance, the toast or cutting the wedding cake or the some other part of the ritual; so ask when those special events are planned to occur.

Get the Shots
Every wedding is unique, but there are certain things that are common to most weddings. So, make sure you get the most important shots that the bride and groom will probably be interested to watch.

Editing a Wedding Video
Editing a wedding video is generally pretty simple. Most couples simply want their entire ceremony un-cut on a VHS tape or DVD. You may want to create a music video of clips from the wedding and reception set to the couples’s favorite song as a wedding video special feature.

Besides; it depends on you and your creativity to how much liveliness you can bring to the video. Now it's the time to discover your abilities!

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