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5 Fun (and Sexy) Things to Do with a Man

Women are no longer embarrassed of flaunting their sexuality and there’s nothing wrong in adding a little adventure with your sex life! Call it our little community service project; here’s the adventures that has been brainstormed by sex experts and male friends just to let you understand what a guy thinks and how you can get your man go woo!

As advised, Tip no. 1 is that; "Quit looking for sexy, and look for fun instead and you'll end up having more sex." Rest is the fun things that you will surely enjoy doing with your man!

1. Take him shopping . . . and let him pick the clothes:
Men don’t hate shopping because of money. It’s the sitting on the couch that they don’t like. But what guy wouldn't be enthused about a mall trip if he knew that every 2 minutes a beautiful woman would pop by to model a sexy outfit he just picked out? Be willing to play as exhibitionist as men love to enhance their erotic experience visually. If he agrees to buy, there's no reason you shouldn't agree to model.

2. Go to dinner at a super-fancy restaurant.
There's something very erotic about being public and being surreptitious about your sexuality. During the meal, you're allowed to talk only about sexual fantasies!
Your bonus mission is to order the foods that are delicious and lascivious at the same time. Share a chocolate mousse in a martini glass for dessert. According to experts, Chocolate produces PEA (phenylethylamine), a natural amphetamine that creates feelings of euphoria, especially during orgasm.

3. Get cooking.
It's just the two of you and an opportunity to create something special as a couple. Make an entire dinner that can be eaten with your fingers, and then feed your lover. Putting a berry or chocolate truffle in your mouth and kissing your lover to share it would be a great idea! Food fights can also be frisky, fun, and sexy as long as you're willing to clean up after.

4. Challenge him to strip-PlayStation.
What's more fun than dropping in on your guy's football game, intercepting a pass, and scoring the winning touchdown? Remove a piece of clothing every time you score. The reason this works is because it eroticizes something ordinary.

5. Get wet.
Ask him to help you wash the dishes, and then start a water fight. Water fights might be even better than food fights. Studies have shown that when couples do physical chores together, it can lead to sex in new places at different times. Get all wet washing the car together, and while you're at it, rediscover the backseat!

Rediscover fun in your sex life and just make out! 


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