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The Style Mantra!

Definitely it’s your style that gets you noticed everywhere you go! But to be noticed in the right approach, is the key to perfect style!

No matter what your style is….  Everyone’s a type!
In your wardrobe you’re sure to see a certain pattern developed for years. Whether it’s the colors you like the most or the fact that you you’re in a mood to wear skirts…
Your style could change from the fashion you see around you, your friends or even your own state of mind! Either way we enjoy putting things together and just being “you”.

It’s always a good idea to decode your dress so that you can easily figure out what to wear for different occasions.

Like for business/ casuals, Shirt and pants or shirt and skirts is the right way to go. But make sure that the neckline is always conservative. Sleeveless is definitely not a good idea. And “NO Flesh” should be revealed!
If you’re wearing skirt, it should be no shorter than four inches above your knee!
At the same time, you should also take considerations while selecting the dress colors. For such business occasions, you can always go for black, grey, beige, navy blue and white.

Similarly, for college, a good old jeans and a t-shirt certainly does the trick! So always wear something that you can carry off and not what it’s “in” the fashion.

If you go for the parties, you can always flaunt what you have! The key point here is not to be vulgar. Wear something that you look good in it…

You can also mix and match the accessories accordingly.

These are just a few guidelines to help people to distinguish what is appropriate. Whatever the occasion is, if you’re not dressed up appropriately, even your latest imported accessories or designer wears is not gonna’ help you create that impression. Dressing up suitably not only makes you feel comfortable, it also helps to boost up your confidence level!

As such, the perfect mantra to always remain stylish is… Be comfortable and look confident. So, be a style icon now!

-Compiled by & inputs: Preity

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