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5 Hot tips every women must try!

- Preity

The women world is actually tough! We may have applied numerous beauty tips to look beautiful, spent thousands of rupees to buy those expensive beauty products; also joined yoga or salsa classes to maintain our figure. But have we been able to live up to our expectations? No! If you really are in a need of better piece of advice, try these things out! It gives you 100% guaranteed results!
(Warning: The results may be extremely positive!)

For the curves to die for:
How about a little social service? Share your piece of bread to the hungry little boy; he probably is in better need of the food than you!

For sexy, shimmering looks:
Observe & inspire yourself with all the good things in the world. Eyes reflect a woman’s soul. Let the world recognize this woman’s enforcing passion.

For a good posture:
Never walk alone. Here, I don’t mean your tall, handsome, masculine boyfriend with a loaded wallet; walk with all you have within, your knowledge and intrinsic gifted qualities.

For that divalicious’ outfits:
Open up our wardrobe and offer some of your lengthy outdated outfits to the young girl that’s helping in your house; despite child labor being illegal in Nepal! Coz’ girls….the latest fashion trend that's in hot parties in Nepal (although it’s winter!), is to show your skin!

For a beautiful “you”:
A woman’s beauty is not just about the curves, style, facial mode or sex appeal; the beauty lies in all of us. So, let’s reveal the beautiful “us” inside. Let’s celebrate womanhood!

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