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We time we serve, Dorota Nvotova (A Czech- Slovkian actress, a singer, musician and recently featured model at CyberSansar.com) as the Hot Dish!

What's the hottest thing you've done in a in a movie?
Nude scene! We have in almost every movie. So, they’re hot!

One foreign artist you'd give anything to perform with.
Robbie Williams
What kind of men do you find yourself drawn towards?
Every time, it’s different... maybe tall men! Not always! Yes, one must have some flame in eyes.

How would you propose to the man of your dreams?
Haven’t thought about it! I am dynamic. 

Discos or ball dances?

Simple kiss or French kiss?
Depends on the situation, and the man!!

Where do you like your guy to touch you?
Oh, that’s private. Depends on the situation!

Cars or bikes?

What do you do to catch the eye of a man you like?
I usually don’t do these things.

What part of a man's physique catches your eyes?

What specific part (most importantly) of her figure must a woman keep in shape?

Most romantic thing a guy has done for you?
Presents and flowers are common… I don’t exactly remember!

Wine or Cocktails?

Hottest thing you've done for a guy?
When I was 14, I waited for someone eight hours at the same place… I think that’s hot!!

Women's liberation or dominating the males?

Which country do you think have the hottest looking men?
Oh... there are many!

If you could have one guy drooling over you, that'd be…
Well…. I’m looking for one!

Proper age limit to exceed before losing one's virginity?

Shy guys or extrovert men?
I always thought about extrovert men… but maybe... it depends on the charisma.

Your opinion on the model industry of Nepal?
I saw some videos and I think they’re good and have a bigger prospect… maybe more than in my country.


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