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Help develop your children’s intrinsic qualities

Parents often have a desire for children who score distinction in studies and are active in every ground whether its sports or any other extra curricular activities. Sometimes parents, in the zeal of making the next Shakespeare or George Washington, assault their children with a bevy of pressure; the kids get mentally distressed.

Not every child is “Genius” but that doesn’t mean that your child is not gifted! All children have special gifts, inherent talents and abilities that can flourish in the right settings. The environment has a lot to do in expressing and stimulating your children’s intrinsic qualities.

Before expecting too much from the children, it’s necessary that the parents understand their kids’ intellect. The latest Bollywood movie “Taare Zameen Par” has also beautifully portrayed the subject.

One of the first major clues to find out your child’s gifted trait is to notice their signs of potential prodigy of unusual alertness and curiosity. So, in order to provide the children with as many opportunities to discover whatever those special gifts may be and to develop them to their fullest potential, the parents should also exercise to help the children. Here is how:

Develop responsive relationship with your child

The only true way to uncover your child’s unique gifts is to spend quality time with your child. Getting attuned to your child not only strengthen parent-child bond but also allows you and your little one to do some detective work.  Playing with your child, especially play that involved imagination is one of the best ways to discover where his or her interests lie.

Encourage your Child’s natural curiosity

Once you have inkling about your child’s interest, do all to encourage exploration. Children should be encouraged to express their dreams and ideas. The possibilities of your children are endless, and that makes it more important for the parents support them when they show interest in something.

Expose your child to the diversity of life

Children should be provided with an opportunity to experience the diversity of life. Sometimes it takes “getting out of the box” for your child to discover that hidden talent. Music, literature, human culture in its myriad forms is the stimuli that trigger further discovery and curiosity in children.

Communicate with your child’s school

Parents’ besides playing their part of nurturing their child’s natural gifts; must also make sure that their child’s teachers and school administrators are playing their role. It’s important that the kids are in those environments where teachers are trained in what they need to.

Avoid Overexposure

Exposing the children too much, too soon can cause harm than good. It’s important that the parents learn the quality over quantity of time. The children get bored after sometime even if the topic excited them. It’s better if the parents make their children spend thirty good minutes with a child interested and excited about an activity rather than wasting three unproductive, boring hours.

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