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10 things to do on New Years day

2007 been an empty year with Loktantra getting us nowhere and fuel prices winning by miles in the race of inflation. It had been a trying year on us Nepalese and we very much deserved to celebrate the English New Year with high expectations of 2008 and of course a lot of booze. Okay, how about the day after. What do you do on the first day of the year? Normally, people suggest you do what you’d like to do the rest of the year. Practically, however, it’s going to be something else. Here’s 10 things you might want to.

1. Try waking up before the sun rises - your bedroom window faces the west.
2. Spend half the day trying all things known to mankind to recover from a hangover.
3. Promise God you’ll never drink again if he takes away your splitting headache.
4. Try to piece together in your mind fragments of the night before and try to figure how you made it home.
5. Listen to your parents preach about the negative effects of alcohol while a trapped bee buzzes in your head.
6. Just sit and doing nothing. It’s all in the state of mind. If you don’t let the hangover affect you, it can’t win you.
7. Calculate where all your money went.
8. Argue with your pal on who drank how much.
9. Make bets with family and friends on who breaks their resolutions first.
10. Go back to bed and catch some more sleep.


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