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7 office party “must nots”

The office never seems to have the money when it comes to getting paid a bonus or a paid leave and yet it finds ways to throw some money on some stupid party. Maybe your idea of a party is to be able get drunk or dress as freely as you wish and the whole idea of an office party seems ridiculous. Whether it impresses you are not, an office party is something that you should attend and be in the best of your behaviors. Not attending can be misinterpreted and bad behavior at the office party can have a nasty impact on your career. Seven things that you should never do at an office party are;  

1. Not attend: Unless you’ve got a convincing excuse or want to appear disrespectful, you will have to attend an office party. It is a part of your office culture and you are expected to appear. If you really can’t attend, let management know in advance with a good explanation.

2. Dress inappropriately.
The office party isn’t a place to dress like for a night out on the town. Dress as the rest of the office does. If you happen to be dressed inappropriately, it would be wiser to acknowledge your mistake rather than trying to deny it and act cool.

3. Get drunk!
Stay in control over how much you drink. Getting drunk and doing something irreversible is definitely something you don’t want to do.

4. Chase your crush.
Many may think that getting to know the co worker you’ve been having a crush on during an office party is okay. Nothing could be any further from the truth. Keep your private life away from your work life.

5. Bother your managers
Talking strategies with your managers isn’t going to win you any points. Your managers and bosses would definitely like to have something else to talk about at the party rather than strategy or ideas. Give them a break! Let them enjoy their evening without having to furrow their brows.

6. Be a sour puss.
Even if you don’t like the party, or you’re having a miserable time, keep those ideas and feelings to yourself. Walk around with a smile and with a positive attitude.

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