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Beat out the winter blues

Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some adore the winter, while some find it depressing.
Some simply love it when the city sleeps late in a blanket of fog, while some would rather see the sun shine hot and bright. If you’re a winter lover, congratulations! However if you’re one of those who love to fun and frolic in the sun, and find the cold disheartening, here are some ways to beat out the blues.

Make most of the sunlight: Embrace the sunlight whenever you can. Take a short walk during the lunch breaks or resign yourself to basking on the rooftops during the weekends. Open up your window curtains and let in the warmth of the sun.

Watch your sleep: During the cold of the winters, it’s hard to part with the bed. Early to bed and late to rise makes you an oversleeping log. Fluctuations in the sleep cycle and oversleeping contribute to a less energetic you. Allocate yourself sleeping time.

Get moving: It’s easy to get sluggish in the winter. Ward it off with some form of exercise, in fact ANY form of exercise will do.

Eat properly: Eat smaller meals more frequently rather than few large meals. Watch your intake of junk food. Winter weight is a reality, not just a notion. Eat complex carbohydrates like whole-grain rice and pasta to satisfy the need for comfort food while giving your body a steady source of energy.

Hydrate yourself: Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. As cold as winter may be, it’s also very dry. Tea and coffee, though favorites in the winter, only make one urinate more so you might want to limit that.

Think happy: Think yourself into a better mood. If you think happy things will be less gloomy. It’s all in the state of mind. Think of the fun you can get out of the winter, like traveling to warmer places, gathering wood for a fire or simply sipping some hot drink. You can also achieve a better state of mind with planning the things you’d like to do in the coming spring.  

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