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When to lie to your girl

Honesty is the best policy. Whoever said that probably was bad at keeping relationships. Diplomats and politicians get paid to lie, womanizers score big with lies and the cute girl in your neighborhood has you (and dozen other guys) eating out of her hand with her sweet talk (mostly lies).

Men are generally consider to be the “badder” of the two sexes, but are often a brick short of a load when it comes to knowing when to lie to their girl. While pundits claim that a strong relationship is based on the cardinal rule of speaking the truth, the truth itself can be a little different from the truth. The truth is, telling a few lies can be one of the best ways to keep your relationship healthy. It pays to learn how and when to lie. If she gets to hears what she wants to hear, your relationship will be a bed of roses (and no prizes for correctly guessing who’ll get laid on it!).

Yes lying is a terrible thing to do but when it concerns the woman of your dreams, you have no other choice. Here are three situations in which you must never tell the truth to your girl, ever!

Never talk about your ex / exes. If you keep talking about your ex, your girl will get the hint that she’s still on your mind. Should she ever ask you what your ex was like, lie and steer clear of trouble A.S.A.P.

No matter what she looks like, every woman has something beautiful or sexy about her. When she asks for your honest opinion on anything concerning her look, just bring into mind those features you like about her and lie. When you end it with a “I find you beautiful”, you’re not totally lying.

Women are more sensitive than men, so pay attention to her sensibility and don't make bad jokes about other people (especially her family). She will find you insensitive and you will lose points. This means you might have to feign interest in her father’s conversation or show some concern for her siblings.


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