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Gifting co-workers in Christmas

For those who celebrate Christmas, this is the season to be jolly. It’s the season of love and affection. However, in this modern day love and affection are valued in terms of material goods. This can make the jolly season quite a headache.

Of the many people to gift, gifting ones co-worker can be tricky. You gift your co-workers to let them know you appreciate their support and camaraderie. It is also necessary that your gifts do not make them feel uncomfortable, bribe them or any other wrong ideas. With a few simple rules in mind, office gifting should become easier.
Set a spending limit. With so many to gift, if you don’t set a spending limit, you’ll be spending a lot more than you actually should. Gifting expensive items can also put your co-workers in an uncomfortable position. Expensive gifts can also be misinterpreted by the recipient and other co-workers.

Keep your gifts professional; do not give items that are too personal. Clothes, toiletries or perfume are off limits.

Don't give the boss anything expensive as it can be observed differently by different people. A nice note, a book or a pen will suffice.

While a gift basket may be a popular choice, don’t make the mistake of gifting someone on diet with one.

Don't disobey organizational rules. Some offices may have rules about gift-giving. They either set limits on the amount that can be spent on gifts or disallow it altogether. Also use caution when gifting alcohol, as some offices may not tolerate such a gift.

Give gifts to close friends outside of the office. There’s no need to make your other co-workers feel left out. If you have a special bond with a co-worker and want to give him or her a more personal gift, do it outside of the office. Keep your personal relationships and feelings in a personal space.

Don’t forget to show your gratitude. Acknowledge the gift you've received by writing a short note or email to the giver.

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