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Drinking responsibly

Excessive drinking can have detrimental effects on ones social and professional life. Lots of people have suffered from broken relations and lost jobs to the evils of alcohol. Those suffering from alcoholism are worst affected and problem drinkers are constantly putting their health, relationships and career on the line. Even social drinkers sometimes find themselves having had a drink too many. Next time you drink to a toast remember, drinking is for adults and hence one should drink like one – responsibly.


Drinking should not be the primary focus of any activity.

Recognize another's right to drink or not to drink.

Set a limit on how many drinks you are going to have when you drink, and stick to it.

Drink slowly - if you sip a drink and do not have more than one drink per hour, the alcohol will not have a chance to build up in your bloodstream. A rule of thumb is, the number of drinks you have, the number of hours it’ll take to sober.

Drinking carbonated beverages with alcohol or carbonated alcohol preparations increases the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, while diluting alcohol with water slows absorption.

Eat before you drink. Eating high-protein foods like cheeses and meats, will slow down the absorption rate so that the alcohol will not hit your system all at once.

When you go with friends to a party, you might want to have a designated driver - someone who will stay sober and drive the rest home. You can take turns for other parties.

If anyone has had too much to drink, see that they get a ride home with someone sober, or find them a place to sleep.

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