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Accepting rejection gracefully


A job search can be, except for some lucky people with friends in high places, a heart breaking task. To many it becomes a routine. Newspapers and websites are searched, applications and CVs posted, interviews given only to be rejected. A dozen or so of rejections later, negativity completely takes over and you think of quitting altogether. A rejection is a hard thing to take, it can be a road block to an otherwise promising future. No matter how many times you’ve been rejected, you should take rejection gracefully. Failing to do so will leave you emotionally robbed too.

Don’t take it personally.

Rejection can cause you to blame your self. You doubt your own abilities; magnify your shortcomings or your own ability to represent yourself. This diminishes ones self esteem. Don’t take it too personally as sometimes not landing a job offer has nothing at all to do with the candidate. Factors that aren’t in your control are equally determinable in deciding whether you get the job or not.


Ask for feedback.

If you never make it to the second round interview, there must be something definitely wrong with you. It’s time you rolled up your sleeves and do some polishing. Ask for feed backs with these organizations on where you fell short. It is advisable to ask for a feedback via mail, however keep in mind that many employers may not be willing to share information on the interview performance.


Get support
Being rejected many times can be really frustrating and emotionally draining, specially if your living on unpaid bills and IOUs. Keep your friends and relatives close and seed some guidance so that you can fall back on them if things turn too heavy to handle. Even worse than the rejections is the negative mindset, and you’ll need support to fight it off.


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