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When jealousy strikes

Jealousy is a sentiment that can be horrible and disturbing obsession. The effects of jealousy can ranger from a sense of helplessness to murdering thoughts. Many jilted lovers even commit suicide or murder.

If the need to feel loved is big, the need for power is bigger. A lover gets jealous when he/she feels or realizes that their partner no longer is theirs exclusively. This like all other sentiments arises naturally. This is a feeling that arises by itself when someone or something threatens to take over in our relationship. Jealousy need not always be that serious and painful feeling of loosing a loved one to another. It could also be something lighter and in a way pleasant like in the case the partner getting bogged in work, engrossed in a game or attracted to another person.

Generally when you have something that is taken away from you or you feel threatened of being robbed of it, it is called jealousy. When you feel that you don’t measure up to someone or very much want something that someone else posses, that’s envy. Rivalry is when no one yet possesses the thing you desire and there is keen competition for the desired goal. Of these three feelings, jealousy is the most intense.

When jealousy strikes there are two things you can do, either you can deny your feelings and keep them away until they grow too big to handle or you can acknowledge what you are feeling and make the commitment that you are ready to have another experience in your life and are willing to do what it takes to heal that part of yourself. Those in a relationship should honestly confess about their jealousy without attacking there partners. When it comes to jealousy, no matter how it shows up in your life, it doesn't go away until it is acknowledged and there is a strong desire to do whatever is necessary to change and heal it.

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