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Pushkar Shah celebrates his 10th anniversary around the globe

Pushkar Shah celebrates his 10th anniversary of his World Peace Tour today. On this occasion the World Cyclist Foundation is organizing a candle lighting ceremony today at 5 PM at the mandala at Maiti Ghar Chowk. With wishes of peace to prevail on earth, a cake will also be cut.

An avid Adventurer and the messenger of peace, Pushkar Shah will be leaving the country on December 8th to continue his tour. He has yet to visit the countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Just 37 countries short of his goal of visiting 150 countries, his first stop will be Oman.

Pushkar reveals that after completing his goal of visiting the 150 countries, he plans to climb the Everest with the flags of the nations he has visited. After that he wishes to return back to his village and be actively engaged in social work. The best of wishes to Pushkar for the successful completion mission, but for now he has to miles before he sleeps!




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