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We all know what a difficult situation it can be when you have to bear sitting next to or even worse talk to someone with bad breath. It’s bad enough to have to smell that odor and also avoid telling it to that person so as not to hurt his/her feelings. But before you point a finger at someone else; be aware, you could be having a case of bad breath without realizing it. Save your friends from the burden of having to put up with your smelly breath and save your face in the process. Here’s how you can know if you could be breathing out foul air to those around you.


  1. If you suffer from a dry mouth, your breath is going to smell as a dry mouth is an excellent place for sulfur producing bacteria to breed. These bacteria produce sulfur which makes the breath smell and taste worse.
  2. If you suffer from Post Nasal Drip, Mucous, Sinus Problems or Tonsils; you are very likely to have bad breath. People who suffer with post nasal drip, sinus problems, etc are more prone to bad breath and lousy tastes because the bacteria will start to extract sulfur compounds from the amino acids in the proteins in mucous and phlegm. If you still have your tonsils, you may be harboring a higher number of the bacteria.
  3. If you have thick saliva and are constantly clearing your throat, you are apt to have smelly breath.
  4. If the rear of your tongue tastes sour, bitter, and/or metallic; it could be due to the bacteria that produce the sulfur compounds at the rear of the tongue. Such people will experience a bad taste after beer, milk, coffee and mouthwash.
  5. If people you regularly meet start offering you mouth freshening gum and mints; it must be more than just a friendly offer. If people face other ways when you talk or lean backwards, your breath is surely troubling them!

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