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Dating signs that scream "HALT"
If only dating a guy were as simple as shopping for a product! You could tell about a guy from simply reading the info printed at the back of the box he'd come in. Unfortunately men come with brains too and even if not Oscar nomination worthy, they can put up a pretty convincing act! Engulfed in a web of false hopes, you could wake up only to realize you've been building your house of dreams on a cloud. Date cautiously and determine whether or not to continue on a romantic relationship. It'll take time, but will save you a lot of heartache.
It's not easy to separate Mr.Right from the rest, but avoiding the following guys should considerably help you simplify your search.  
Moving too fast - Take time to really know your date by asking questions on your first few dates. Always be sure to watch the speed of the relationship, slow down or you might crash and burn! By learning about each other, both of you can assure your footing before you take the next step. If your date is hesitates to answer, retrace your steps.
He doesn't give you his landline number – Why does he refuse to give his landline number? Could it be he doesn't want you to call him at home? Something is fishy. Dump!
Meeting online - When arranging to meet someone you met over the Internet, make it a safe time of day and choose a public place such as a restaurant, a coffee shop, or even a large department store. You could even tow along a friend for a double date, and your date should respect your right to feel comfortable. If he doesn't comply, ditch him.
Different personalities - It's confusing if the person you meet is different from that you've been chatting to online or corresponding to and at best, the relation will also turn out confusing. Abandon ship!
Rebound from another relationship - If you're mending from a previous relationship, it's too soon to be dating. Take some time for yourself. Don't rush to fill the emptiness.
Feeling desperate - If you feel pressured, you would make a desperate decision. You may choose the wrong man or stay in a relationship that is not going anywhere. There are millions of other men out there. Just cut your losses and move on.

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