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Winter: Replace your cotton socks
Winter has entered the valley. The sun rises late from behind a curtain of fog and the evenings are too chilly to walk about without a jacket. As night falls, mists descend from the heavens above, wetting everything it comes to rest upon. Brrr... It's cold and it's going to get colder. It's time to dress up warmly. Out from hibernation come the jackets, coats, caps and gloves....and not to forget - thick warm socks!
The feet and in particular the toes are one of the body parts where we first feel the effects of the cold. Many people have feet that take longer to heat up than the rest of the body! Also many are rather careless about it when it comes to taking care of their feet.
It's time to update your socks in your drawer. Like many other people, your drawer is probably also crowded with different colors and sizes of cotton socks. Cotton socks may be great for summer, but for the winter, a sock made of wool, IsoWool, shearling, fleece or similar synthetic materials are preferable.
Wearing cotton socks in the winter can make your feet colder than not wearing any at all. This is even more so true if you are engaged in strenuous sports. Cotton socks are horrible choices for winter as they offer very little insulation and absorb and hold the moisture. If these get wet, it loses even that little insulation value that it has. To make matters worse, wearing a pair of wet cotton socks creates a coat of perspiration on your feet. Result is; you get cold, wet, slimy feet and most likely a bad case of cold.
So keep aside those cotton socks for sunnier days and bring in some woolen, IsoWoolen, shearling, fleece or similar synthetic socks to do the job. These types of socks are excellent for winter wear because these socks themselves do not lose their insulating properties on getting wet through perspiration. These socks are also generally far thicker than a standard thin cotton sock, allowing the sock to absorb far more moisture. Moreover, the neatest feature of these types of socks is that the body heat of the person wearing them can actually dry them up. Avoid any kind of socks that has cotton content in it, especially if you are an active person who is indulged in strenuous sports. Ditch your cotton and cotton mixed socks and your feet dry and warm this winter.

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