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Challenging oneself: The secret to remaining happy
Whether it be at work or at home we need just the right amount of challenges to keep us happy. When the challenges are too tough to handle, we feel stressed out and when we that challenge isn't challenging enough, we get easily bored. The secret to keep oneself happily engaged is to find a balance in between these two extremes. A state in which we feel appropriately challenged is what we should look for. Such a state keeps us mentally and physically engrossed. When we lose ourselves in our activities, we achieve a sense of happiness.
Work that keeps us well challenged helps us makes earning a livelihood more interesting and satisfying. A lot of smart people do not mind continuing working at something they truly enjoy; even if that means they get a pay that is a little less than expected. This also holds true for leisure activities. It is not necessary that the most expensive forms of relaxation provide that state of indulgence. Simple activities like gardening and socializing can keep one busy and entertained.
So find yourself a job that you'll enjoy doing or ask your boss for a position that you think will help you achieve this. Make a small compromise on your salary if need be because you'll be much better off if you truly enjoy your work. Take up a hobby that'll you'll have fun doing. If you've been retiring your free time to a particular activity like sitting in front of the TV, try something else challenging. Break the monotony by tuning your bike, shooting some baskets, visiting a library or inviting your friends for tea. Indulge yourself in anything that you can lose yourself into because there's no other better way to be happy.

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