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Express your gratitude

Among the various factors that a successful marriage depends on, expressing gratitude to ones spouse is also an important one. By appreciating one another's best intentions a husband and wife let each other be their best self. Being grateful for the effort made or mere presence of the other strengthens the marriage. Criticism on the other hand raises the opposite effect. When a couple criticizes each other, they let raise between them a barrier.

It is not necessary that every individual should like each and every trait of the other. Couples living togethere have to put up with such differences in behavior everyday. It is only likely that one will try to change the behavior of the other. This might be in the best interest of the marriage or of the significant other. Then up come naggings, criticisms and quarrels. 

However the answer to this problem is that if you want to your loved one to change, don't try changing him or her. Love that person as he or she is. If your love is genuine, he or she will sense it and be self-motivated to be more loving, caring or supportive. We can best love our loved ones by allowing them to be human, giving them plenty of room for growth, adore them and celebrate their every achievement.
Appreciation is what makes love last. Successfully married couples learn to gratefully accept each other. A husband and wife will express gratitude often. They praise one another's efforts and achievements. They are patient with faults and shortcomings. They look at their loved one from all aspects, seeing the real person. They allow their spouse to develop and grow by personal choice. After all no one is perfect and marriage is about imperfect people doing their best to care for each other and journey together in love.

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