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What’s the rain got to do with it?
What’s the rain got to do with it? What’s rain but ‘water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere?’
It is my remake of Tina Turner’s hit single, remade to relate to something many of us romantics question whenever it rains. Why do we turn into a ‘sentimental fool’ as soon as the sky rumbles and the wind blows? Forget about scientific reasons (if there are any) I’m looking for answers that make sense.
Could it be that we like the cold the rain brings in? After all as the saying goes, ‘when in love, you have your love to keep you warm’; so to get closer, we need to get cold and to get cold we need the rain, is that how it works? If that is so, the rain should affect you only when you’re with your love not when you’re alone.
But on the contrary, many of us know that even if one is alone, one can feel still all mushy when the rain makes beautiful music against the window pane. One must have atleast once in their lifetime hugged themselves while standing alone in the doorway watching the rain fall. Then shall we assume that one needs to be in love with someone to feel this rainy bliss?
I can’t agree with that because I know we’ve been sighing and shivering at the feel of rain even before we had passed our S.L.C exams. That leaves us with only one conclusion – that those who are optimistic about love are the ones who find it synonymous with the way the rain romances the earth, freshening up the air, which by the way, one can inhale for hours on end.
But wait! I am told that even the lovelorn, the one’s who claim to ‘have nothing to do with love’ and the ones who have been hurt so badly in love that their story could create a super duper Hindi flick, find the rain addictive! How can that be? Their answer sounds simple, ‘the rain soothes our mending hearts, acting as the best shrink ever!’ I know you’re crinkling up your eyebrows; I guess its one of those things that you have to experience to understand.
That brings us back to square one, why do we ‘lovers’, ‘loved and lost’ and ‘yet to love’ get dazed and heavy hearted before, during and after it rains? We become poets, writers, singers and even dancers whenever it pours, why?
My question remains a wonder so I shall return to observing the pitter patter…hey, did I just see the snow fall? What the… snow in Kathmandu? Has the rain got to my head?

Arati Gurung

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