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Vying for the Spotlight? Stand up so your boss can see you! 

Getting the attention of the boss is something that every employee battles for. Those who manage to get that attention are more productive at work and satisfied with their job. At the other corner are those who don't get the attention they deserve. These employees are less productive and unsatisfied in their work. Those who enjoy their job and their bosses' attention find themselves climbing up the corporate ladder. Employees who do not get the attention they deserve head off to other work places in hope of getting that recognition. Recognition can come in the forms of awards, certificates, bonuses and prizes. More often it can simply be simple words of praise. Those who manage to get into the good graces of their bosses are more likely to get that promotion or salary raise.
If you find yourself not getting the attention that you deserve, it's time you made the boss know you exist and contribute to his office.
Tell your boss what you’ve accomplished. Talk to your boss in private, briefly and to the point. If any one else also deserves credit for the accomplishment, remember to mention the names and how they contributed.
If you want to be congratulated or praised yourself, make sure you congratulate your co-workers in front of the others. Even if they don't, you won't come across as much of a bragger when you praise yourself.
Asking for tough assignments will really through the spotlight on you. Your boss will see how much you are willing to grow as an employee. If there's any way to climb up the corporate ladder real fast, it would be taking on challenges that keep you on your bosses' radar.
Ask for feedback from your colleges and superiors. Feedbacks, whether they be negative or positive will get you recognition as an employee who prioritizes his/her work. Feedback that is offered with good intentions should be used to ones advantage as a tool to improve.
Hold conversations that describe what you learned from an experience or the recognition that you would most like to earn. This turns the conversation into a development conversation and shows that you are a goal oriented person.
Compliment your superiors. Give them a little praise, show them a little appreciation, that they deserve and they will also return the favor, or at least they may recognize you and your achievements.

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