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Celebrate Bhai Tika with love and respect

Celebrated just after Dashain, Tihar is the next big festival of Hindus. Tihar is a very religious festival and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor. A festival that stretches for 5 days, the best day is saved for the last. This day is the Bhai Tika.

Bhai Tika is more than just a festival or cultural practice. It holds great importance in the preservation and strengthening of this sacred bond that only brothers and sisters can share. With Bhai Tika, one can observe the respect and love that exists between a brother and sister. Tika and dakshina are exchanged between the two and the bonding between the two is strengthened. When a sister decorates her brother’s forehead with tika, she offers her prayers and blessings. The brother in return as a sign of love and respect offers some dakshina and bows to his sister.


Such sacred and important is the relation between the two that even those who do not have a brother or a sister visit and celebrate it with those closest in their kin or with those whom they share a similar relationship. When it comes to brothers and sisters, blood ties aren’t the only thing that creates that special bond.


The tradition of brothers seeking Tika from their sisters dates a long way back, at times when women were just seen as the dependant and weaker sex. However as times have changed, we have seen significant changes in the power structure between the sexes. Women today have access to equal opportunity and have also proven themselves to be just as capable as men. At a time when women no longer need to depend on their brothers and fathers for living, Bhai Tika plays the significant role of maintaining the love and respect between brothers and sisters. Even though today the environment may have changed, Bhai Tika will help maintain the relationship between brothers and sisters.


Celebrate this Bhai Tika and all those to come with love and respect.

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