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Just had a break up? Don’t worry you can Handle it!

Yes, it really is difficult to deal with the discomfort and pain when you suddenly come to realize this sad reality that your life no longer includes the one you love. The whole world seems turned upside down when you learn that the love you thought was forever is now over.

Even if you’re going through a breakup, you may not think about it for the moment, but still you might end up in building up a great friendship!
You have cared them enough to enter into a romantic relationship, so it stands to reason they just might make a great friend in the future. The way you react or act during this time of break up will determine the likelihood of this.

If in fact, you are going through a break up right now, keep in mind these things for keeping the level head.

- Don’t be the first one to initiate the contact. Not for two weeks at least!  Even if you get a call from them, make it short and Don’t repeat what had gone wrong.

- You might feel like explaining and saying things to them; if so go buy a journal book and write down whatever you feel like saying. Even address the letter to them! However, do not mail it. It’s just the thing for getting your thoughts out. You’ll be glad to keep the thoughts just within you someday!

- Don’t leave a chance to express your gratitude for all the memorable moments shared with them. You must wish them well with whatever future maybe in store for them.

- Keep your mind busy. Do not spend hours deliberating about what could have gone wrong. Do not dwell in the past or the negative aspects, focus on doing creative and action –oriented things in its place.

-It’s certainly the time to focus on your new life, so take it as an opportunity to start a new path. Take this time to do something which you’ve always wanted, but just didn’t get to while you were with your ex.

- If your ex wants to give the relationship a chance, don’t say yes immediately. It’s now time for you to gauge whether the original problems have been solved, if they haven’t, you’ll surely be going through all of this again.

- If your ex has already started seeing someone new, try to avoid seeing them together. Please be comfortable to learn if they were interested enough to date someone else. If they are; they were never your Mr. Right or Ms. Right! Your perfect someone is still out there waiting to be found!

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