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Common problems a married couple can face

There are more than a dozen things that can disrupt an otherwise perfectly harmonious relationship. However here are four that holds common in most marriages with kids and how you as a couple can improve it.

He doesn’t do or stop doing something you ask him to: Make a clear request, not a demand, and help him prioritize. It’s most possible that he's not trying to ignore you. He probably just thinks it’s not something that requires immediate attention. Try ranking your requests on a ten-point scale. That way, when there's something you really want your partner to attend to, you can emphasize in a non-confrontational way how important it is to you. If he can't do it right then, he may even suggest a manageable compromise.
Your significant other makes you late: Tackle this issue with collaborative problem solving. You might adopt a system where one of you is in charge of getting the kids ready and the other is responsible for the other stuff like keys, locking up, checking for precautions, directions, etc. Or you could agree to start getting ready to leave 15 minutes before you need to walk out the door.

You both prefer to do something else after returning from work: Whether one or both of you work outside the home, you likely have different ways of unwinding when you come back together. Some people like to look at magazines or watch TV; others head straight for the kids. It's very common to feel hurt when the other doesn't want to do the same thing. Talk to your partner about what each of you needs during that time and try to reach a compromise.

Your kids take up all your attention during meals: Your relationship with your partner is an important bond in the family and it's critical to nurture that connection. But by nature children interrupt adult eating patterns, which can leave you feeling distracted and disconnected. Try having an adults-only meal at least once a week to remind you that you're adults and a couple. If you don't have a relative or babysitter to watch your kids while you eat, wait until you've put them to bed and then enjoy a late meal together.

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