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How to play it cool in front of your ex and his new girl


What should you be doing with your hands? Placing your hands on your hips can seem aggressive and joining or crossing your hands may appear as a barrier. The best option would be to let your hands drop to your sides. If you have a fiddle with your hair when you're nervous, keep that in check as his new girlfriend may take that as flirtation and feel threatened. Cut the meeting short. The longer you stay, the higher the chances are that you'll be giving yourself away. So after creating a pretty good first impression, its time for you to make your safe exit. Tell them that you need to be going and with a gentle touch on his girls forearm make your departure. With this display of control, you can walk away confidently with the fact that you called all the shots!

You may have moved on, but it still hurts to see your ex with his new girlfriend. You might feel off balanced at this time, but by showing them both you're over him, you'll regain you're your self-assurance. If you happen to meet your ex and his new girl, boost your confidence with the following moves. For the flawless introduction with your ex's new girlfriend, be the first to introduce yourself so that they will have to follow your lead. Have your right hand free for a good handshake and say hello with a big smile. Keep your face relaxed with a natural happy expression. Make a confident conversation by maintaining eye contact. Don't stare them down but maintain eye contact 70 to 80 percent of the time to build proper rapport. Divide eye contact between them so as not to give away any uneasiness.

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