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Parenthood “Do nots”

As a married couple, you are expected to have babies. The next big step towards establishing a family, raising kids is no light matter. Unfortunately kids don’t come with an instruction manual and they definitely don’t teach you how to be a good parent at college. At times like these it’s up to the parental instinct to guide you through this responsibility. If your parental instincts are anything reliable then these are the mistakes you’ll be avoiding. Sidelining Problems Many parents think that certain problems can't be fixed or they are simply quick to accept them, many parents endure months or years of frustration living with common problems. Although it may take some hard work, most problems that you face as a parent can be worked through and changed or fixed.

Overestimating or Underestimating Problems The next problem with fixing problems is that you should be able to distinguish what is actually a problem and what isn’t and how big of a problem are you facing. Little kids that throw tantrums or teenagers who try to be more independent may drive you crazy but shouldn’t be considered as big problems. Problems like your kid caught smoking, stealing, or cheating should be taken seriously. Unrealistic Expectations If you have unrealistic expectations of what your kids should be doing, you can actually create problems. This often happens when parents get frustrated or impatient with a 2 year old who still isn't interested in potty training, a 6 year old who is wetting the bed, or a moody teenager.

So make sure that your expectations match what your kids are developmentally able or expected to be doing. Not Setting the Rules Having rules, setting limits, consistent routines, and offering limited choices will help your child know and expect what is coming throughout the day. Inconsistent Parenting An inconsistent parenting style is when at times you come across very strict and but give in easily at other times or simply don't seem to care what your kids are doing. An inconsistent style of parenting will give your children a very hard time knowing what is expected of them and how to act. Not Changing Failed Approaches If your parenting techniques that aren't getting good results, you should be changing your approach. This doesn’t mean you change tracks at the first sign of defeat. If your best efforts are failing for some time, its time you changed your tactics.

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