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Vanilla scent for your refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most helpful appliances in the household. Without the fridge preparing and storing food wouldn’t be quite possible. Even then, food in the refrigerator doesn’t last forever. Eventually food in the fridge passes its expiry date and start giving off an awful smell. If you haven’t cleaned out your fridge recently, your fridge might be reeking. There are some things you can do to deodorize your refrigerator and make it smell fresh and clean. Here are a few guidelines that’ll help you keep your fridge odor free.

The most popular trick is the old baking soda trick. You buy a box of baking soda and open it up and let it sit in the back of the refrigerator. The baking soda soaks up any unwanted odor left in the refrigerator by food. However it isn't enough to just put a freshener into the refrigerator and expect it the take care of all the bad smells. Cleaning the refrigerator is the best way to get the bad smells out. You have to take the time to actually clean the refrigerator. Take out all the old moldy food that is past its expiration date.

These old foods add some pretty nasty smells to the inside of a refrigerator. You should also wash the refrigerator out occasionally. The more you use the refrigerator the more you should wash it out. It is a good idea to take time to clean your refrigerator at least once a month. Wiping the insides of the fridge with vanilla extract when you clean out your fridge should leave behind a good clean scent. If you’re washing your refrigerator, you can even add some vanilla extract to the water that you wash the refrigerator with. To prolong the nice vanilla scent in your refrigerator, just take a cotton ball and soak it in some vanilla extract. After a good amount of vanilla extract is soaked into the cotton ball place it into the refrigerator and leave it there. The cotton ball with spread its nice vanilla scent through your refrigerator for a long time. Over time as the scent fades out, replace the cotton ball with a new one.

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