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Maximizing your productive time isn’t just a matter of scheduling. The mechanics of how you operate can be every bit as important. That means organizing most every element to allow as smooth a workflow as possible.  A logically setup office should save you valuable time and help increase your personal productivity.


Here are a few specific organizational ideas:


• Use color coding in your office. For example you could separate white folders for storing client information and blue ones for internal issues. Color coding should allow you to identify things in a glance.


• Streamline processes. Look at everything you do and determine whether it's as efficient as it can be. Familiarize yourself with the different technologies at hand to simplify your task.


• Don't isolate tasks. One huge time drain occurs when one person has to take on something with which he's completely unfamiliar. Keep others up to date on what you're doing and make sure they reciprocate.


• Do things when the time is right. Use conventional work hours for tasks that can only be done then. Allocate off-hours for less time-specific responsibilities such as filing, accounting and other jobs.


• Delegate work. Many businesspeople take too many things onto their own shoulders. Think about what you do best and what can best be done by others. Then, split the work accordingly.

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