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Rearrange your workspace and save your eyes

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive and valuable sense organs of the human body. We use and rely on it so much that without it; our lives would be total darkness. We are aware of this fact yet we subject our eyes to stressful activities like the glare of the monitor at our work place. If you spend long hours in front of the monitor, you may best relieve the pressure on your eyes with a few adjustments in your workplace.


To begin with, make sure that your workspace is arranged in a way that will protect your eyes. The ambient light level should be low and diffused, with no glare. Keep windows to the side of you, rather than directly ahead or behind, to minimize glare. Adjust the brightness of your computer screen to protect your eyes; your screen's lighting should match the general light level in the room, without being too bright or too dim. Try bringing up a blank word processing document and looking at the screen. If the white of the page is glowing, your screen is too bright. If it is dingy, the screen is not bright enough. Set up your desk so that your screen is approximately 20-26 inches (50-66 centimeters) away from you, and slightly below eye level. If you work with paper documents, protect your eyes by keeping them at the same level as your computer screen, so that your eyes do not have to constantly readjust.


With these few adjustments you can take a load off your eyes and preserve their health.

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