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Salvage a drowned cell phone

Cell phones and water don’t go well together. If you accidentally drop your handy device in water, take it out immediately. The longer you delay, the lesser the chances you’ll have of rescuing your cell phone.

Once out of the water, take out the battery. You need not worry about turning it off first. You need to take out the battery ASAP to prevent any short circuiting and thus rendering your cell phone useless. Quickly dry the battery with a towel. Dry the phone from the outside and then dismantle it and very gently dry the insides too. It is best recommended that you leave your cell phone dismantled for the next 72 hours so that it properly dries. Resist the urge to turn it on just to see if it still works. The battery itself may or may not work again, but replacing a battery fortunately doesn’t cost as much as having to buy a new phone. Even if the battery does work, it would be smarter to replace it with a new one so as not to risk it leaking battery acid in the future.

If you drop your cell phone in water that isn’t pure such as a beverage or in salt water, rinse the phone off with fresh water once you have removed the battery. Once you drop the phone in water, the additional rinsing will not do further damage, however, minerals or other materials will. If you drop your cell phone in liquid that isn’t pure water, you may want to try giving it an alcohol bath. The alcohol will displace minerals and microscopic substances as well as aiding in the evaporation of the fluid.

Here’s hoping you find this article helpful and that your cell phone doesn’t drown in the toilet!


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