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Quick date tips

Mustering courage to ask a girl out can be tough enough, meeting her on the first date can be nerve wrecking! Just so that you don’t fumble up, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Choose a place where you have been before. A nice and romantic place that you know but not that well. The last thing you need is people coming to say hello to you every 15 minutes. Disruptions will turn her off.

Show up at time. Appearing late on your first date with her will show that you are irresponsible or that you don’t keep your word.

Be yourself. Have confidence in yourself.

Dress up nicely. A nice buttoned shirt and some fashionable trousers will do just fine. Prepare your self from top to bottom but don’t overdo it.

Smile. Don't force it and don't fake it.

Flatter her but don’t over do it. Ask her about her self. If you would like to know her better, this is your chance. Tell her about yourself, but once again, don’t over do it.

Do not talk about your ex or ex’s. This is the last thing she wants to hear about, especially on her first date with you.

If everything goes out well between the two of you, don’t hesitate to ask her out again. If she doesn’t reply right away, you can always call some other day. If you really like her, don’t play the hard to get. Call her and tell her that you like her and would love to see her again.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t really got the right vibes from that date, just tell her the truth gently. It’s usually better to be honest than to lie.

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