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Which is the tastiest beer?

What defines good taste in beer? Or which beer is supposed to be the tastiest? Beer taste like any other drink or food is totally personal - it’s all a matter of taste. What delicious to you might not be the same to another person.

There are many kinds of beers out there but all of the various flavors, body and colors of the many styles of beer generally fall under two classifications, either lager or ale. These two classes of beer collectively make up thousands of different varieties of beer. Whatever the type of beers that may be available to you, by tasting them properly, you’ll be able to find the beer that pleases your taste buds best.

But how exactly do you taste beer, and what is it you’re tasting for? Tasting beer is a lot like tasting wine. The smell plays a big part in the taste, so before you take a swig, swish the beer around in a glass, and take a whiff. It’ll smell yeasty, but there may be other aromas too: malt, fruit, sugars, roasted grain, and so on. If it smells good, take a sip, but don’t swallow just yet. Swirl it around on your tongue, being sure to cover all parts of your mouth and noting the different hints of flavor. Then, swallow slowly and see if you can detect any sweetness or bitterness in the finish. Taste it in this manner at least once more to reveal all of a particular beer’s flavors and let you know if you truly like it or not.

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