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Simple ways to add exercise to your day


Busy lifestyles seldom leave 9 to 5’ers with time to exercise. Those with kids may find it even harder to find the time to keep in shape. With such a demanding life it is essential that we manage to squeeze in some physical activity so that our body gets some exercise.  


1. If you drive or ride to work or wherever you go, try parking your vehicle as far as it is reasonably possible in the parking lot. You could use the walk.


2. Take the stairs instead of the elevators and escalators will help the pounds come off.


3. If you take a 30 minute lunch save 10 of those minutes for a walk around the block.


4. Make it a habit to stretch at your desk at regular intervals to keep your body loose and supple.


Having young toddlers should not bother you from getting a work out during the weekends.


1. While your child is engaged in watching cartoons, do a couple of sets of quick pushups.


2. With a child in your lap, you might as well as do a few sit-ups. Your child may be happy to think that you are playing with him.


3. Doing laundry is an instant workout. With all that bending and lifting you are sure to get a workout.


4. Invest in some ankle weights so that you may wear them while walking around the house. That should burn some calories off you.




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