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Music is in our blood


Prashant with Soniya Gandhi

1:30 PM
They found out that the free SMS service provide by NTC was a hoax. The mercury levels of the conversations were rising. Feeling the heat of the ongoing Indial Idol finals tonight, I was blowing with the wind. I had no options but to think about it. The X factor was Prashant Tamang. Overhearing the conversation of the colleague’s next room I was finding it hard to concentrate on my work. I had to think of the influence this man has been able to make on all the Nepalese and other nationals with Nepali origin. The next thing I had on my mind was how much money must have Sony Television made.

9:30 PM
 The evening was festive. Probably every TV set in the country was open. People were crossing their fingers and praying for Prashant. The Idol enthusiast had to wait till 1:00 AM to find out that their hero, Prashant Tamang was the Indian Idol 3.

1:00 AM
I was scared with my sister’s voice, she shouted out loud with joy and excitement and my father was clapping his hand. Victory SMS were flocking in my sisters and wifes mobile. I felt I was really missing out the energy all this season by missing out previous episodes. The calmness of the scary Kathmandu nights came alive. People started lighting fire crackers. Group of bikers were zooming off the streets blowing their horns and chanting Prashant slogans. Just when I was about to sleep my ears alerted me of some crowd coming in. It was a big crowd. I was shocked and scared to see almost a group of thousand people blowing and whistling and crying like crazy on the streets. Then another group came, and another. The night was lively.

The ambiance was like the one of a revolution. Kathmanduites did the same on the nights democracy was declared in 2046.

Nepalese were proud to see a Tamang boy on a country of billion to be the Indian Idol. It was more than singing. It was more than a pop culture. I felt that people’s frustration of not having enough petrol supply from India was reflected on the streets.

People never came out on the streets when the series of bomb rocked the capital and took priceless lives. People never came out to protest what happened at Kapilvastu. People never complained about Kalapani they never did about the dams built. But they celebrated Prashants victory on the streets at 1:00 in the night like there was no other day.

The series of event made me realize that Kathmanduites are serious about their music and nothing else. Music is in our blood. 

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