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What do men want for Valentines Day?

-Arati Gurung

There are books advising men on how to know what women want, there are songs and there are even movies! I feel we women have been neglected! Wouldn’t it be easier for us if someone told us what men want? Seeing that nothing is going to happen until I get up and do something about it, I signed up for the job (I also got to talk to all these amazing hunks! The perks of the job!). To make the most out of this Valentine’s Day I went around asking the hottest men we know what they want for this Valentine’s Day and here's what they revealed.

"Lately, I’ve been fantasizing on going out with Jennifer Aniston– I think she is the woman of all women. My wildest Valentine gift would be her taking me for a trek to Gosaikunda and I would have the time of my life absorbing the beauty and the simplicity of Ms. Aniston and (ahem) nature.

Coming back to reality – I miss my girl and I’m literally counting the days till she gets back! "

Parakram Singh Yonzon - 27
Managing Director
Management Dynamics Pvt. Ltd

"I'd like to spend the day with someone who's not interested in telling me who is sleeping with whom, who's going out with whom and why her life sucks because she doesn't have enough money and enough shoes. I'd like to spend the day with someone who has something sensible to say, someone in whose eyes I can drown, someone who's a good conversationalist and someone with whom I can sit down and stare at the stars, walk in the rain and just watch the world go by. For this Valentine's Day I would either want someone like that or a 5ft 6in Swedish blonde with whom conversation would be impossible. If I don’t get both of that, I think I might call up all my ex-girlfriends to be reminded of why I am still single and happy with my dog."

Ahimsa Yonzan – 28
Director,Urban Pixel

"Our schedules barely allow us any time to meet anymore and so this Valentine's Day I hope I can spend some quality time with her and do stuff that she likes doing, like talking about nothing in particular!!! I am crazy about her and I hope I can prove it to her this year."

Manish Shrestha – 24
Graphic Designer, Photographer and Model


"My work took me to this place beautiful called Tamghas, from where after a 3 hour trek we reached this hill called Resunga. We spent the night at the temple on the hill and lost ourselves in the sunrise the next morning. I had such a magical experience that if it were possible, I would love to take my girl with me back there for Valentines day, we’d spend the night at the temple and then with the first sunrise I would shout my love for her from the top of Resunga to let her know how much I love her. I know it sounds rather filmy, but I am the hero of my love story so…. honestly, that is what I want to do!"

Suraj Singh Thakuri – 28
VJ and Video Director



"Valentines' to me is a day to celebrate love, and love to me is feeling good waking up every morning because it will allow me an entire day to spend with the person I adore. Sadly, my employer doesn't think so. He says it’s a waste of time and money. I don't blame him. He's been married for the last 20 years! Nonetheless, I’ll be joining the rest of the population who work from 8
to 7 everyday in the last-minute-shopping-spree to look for something
charming. I plan to buy us a pair of polka dotted boxers this year.
What better way to celebrate love that shows intimacy in privacy? I only hope my valentine adores my gift (and understands that fact that
my salary is yet to be credited to my account this month ! ). "

Prasanna K.C. - 27
Relationship Manager, Himalayan Bank Limited

"Wine & Dine with  my Extra-Fine Valentine**
Slightly tall, slightly tanned with big brown curious eyes.
That long silky black hair pretty face come to my surprise.
A voice like Hickory and Honey and a wallet with Tons of Money.
Lavishly taking me out is the kind of woman I’m talking about
That hot body to get naughty with and a mind ready for a fling
Warm love with sweet talks, a bit of snazziness is my thing
A Mighty fine touch with luscious lips to kiss
This is the Kind of a Valentine I simply don’t wanna Miss.

Hahahha…. Don’t we all wish that

That kinda girl is pretty much every man’s dream, and wouldn’t we all want it to come true so getting down with Reality
My true girl would be a girl who keeps things real.
Simple and Sweet from Head To Feet. 
True to the Soul but ready to Rock and Roll.
If the Love from what I’ve said Above ** comes around in my life …I am more than willing to take chances."
Yanik Shrestha -(Still Young) 24yrs
RJ Hits FM 91.2,  DJ

  Well there you go, I hope this will give you an idea of what will make the perfect Valentine day gift fot your man. There's no need to thank me, I am just doing my job (and enjoying every bit of it!).

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