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 O2 Atom: A lifeline for Business.

Photo © eNasha.com

Launched in November 2005 O2 XDA Atom is one of the best ‘smart phones’ of its class. Available in selected stores in Kathmandu this phone gives you all the features you ever imagined in a phone.

The Good

Atom is power-packed with cutting edge features such as O2 MediaPlus, Windows Media Player 10, 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

It is a pocket computer fits in your shirt pocket and is light weight. Its powerful handwriting recognition and 416 MHz processor gives you the flexibility of taking notes and sending a quick SMS.

It has an extended call registry which can give up to a year and you can take up notes in each call to create a record. Yes now, you can rewind your bosses’ call from Chitwan.

Another feature; unwanted numbers can be put up on the block list making you forever too busy to be accessed.

The Bad

You get a full featured high-end multimedia computer at that price.

If you are an outdoor type and have to work under sunlight, the display might disappoint you.

Like any other PDA phone the battery life is a big challenge. You have to handle it with much care to get the maximum output of the battery.

We Say

We have used it, trust us. The offices should provide special loans and payments schemes to buy one O2 Atom for every employee.

Price:  41,500-45,000
Available at: Pashupati Plaza & Kathmandu Mall
Color: Black & White (Recommended)

Reviewed by: eNasha.com

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