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Getting your boss to notice you


Start your work this weekend with getting on the good side of your boss. If you’re not getting the promotion or the raise you’re wanting, its time you got to working on your relation with your boss. Be a better employee and you’ll certainly get what you deserve.

Here are some pointers any ambitious employee should follow.


Be punctual: Make it a habit of arriving for work or meetings on time and don’t be too eager to leave too early either. If need be arrive early or stay a bit late to accomplish your work. These traits show that you're enthusiastic and reliable.


Be courteous: Good mannerism will get you good favors. Be respectful in your speech and loyal in your behavior. No matter how tempted, never get carried away and talk trash about your boss or seniors.


Leave your personal life at the door: A professional must be able to distinguish his work from his personal life. Intertwining your personal problems with your profession damages your credibility and can contaminate your work relationships.


Set your priorities: Align yourself with your boss' and company's goals and values. Make your boss' priorities your own priorities and work accordingly. Your boss will be highly impressed!


Understand how you'll be evaluated: It’s necessary you work just as smart as you work hard. Focus on those skills, behaviors and accomplishments that will get you in the limelight and thus in the views of your boss and directors.


Project positive energy: Everyone likes to work with a person who radiates positive energy. Be that person by being energetically optimistic and not the one who complains on every difficulty.


Be organized: Accomplish more by being organized. Learn to rank your task according to their importance. Before calling it a day, plan out your next days activities.


Be a team player: Show that you mean well of your boss, co-workers and in all your office by being a better team player. Offer help when the others need it.


Own up: Be a responsible person and employee. Take responsibility for your mistakes whether they are personal or professional. However that does not mean you make a sour face when things go wrong. Being responsible means to learn from your mistakes and not repeat it again and perform better next time with what you’ve learnt.


Go the extra mile: Take on added challenges and put in extra hours. Every time you go the extra mile, you get closer to your goal.



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