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Fast and Furious: ICC World Twenty20 World cup!




After the Caribbean, the heat re-emerges again this September in South Africa with the ICC World Twenty20 World cup.


Twenty20 is the newest form of cricket and the ICC World Twenty20 is the first of its kind. With each team batting for a maximum of only 20 overs a side and each innings lasting for a maximum of 80 minutes, the tournament promises to be faster and more furious. Starting from the 11th of September, the participating 12 nations have been grouped in the following four groups.


Group A
South Africa | West Indies | Bangladesh
Group B
England | Australia | Zimbabwe

Group C
New Zealand | Sri Lanka | Kenya

Group D
Pakistan | India | Scotland


The second event is scheduled to be held in England and Wales during the ICC's Centenary Year in 2009. The success of these two tournaments will dictate the future of the Twenty20 world cup.  With the fever that cricket brings about every time it’s mentioned, is there any doubt that the Twenty20 World cup will be a success? 


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