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Serve your wine right


You've probably heard many conflicting and complicated instructions throughout the years on the proper way to get wine from the store to your glass. It doesn't have to be that hard. Here are the basics of serving wine, which are all you really need.


Many customs have accompanied wine drinking through the years. None of them are meant to be intimidating or stuffy. They are just practices intended to enhance the enjoyment of wine. You may find these tips and many more in a publication, Wine 101.


"White wine with fish and red wine with meat" is more customary than culinary.


Red wines are served at room temperature, while white wines, roses, and champagnes are served chilled.


A suggestion to follow by is “The stronger the food, the stronger the wine and the lighter the food, the lighter the wine.”


Wine loves air, which restores its sleeping flavors. It is recommended to open the bottle about an hour before consumption and let the wine "breathe". This ages it a year or so, and allows its flavors to mellow.


A bottle of wine has to be handled carefully, with the minimum movement possible. Remember, wine likes to sleep, only to awaken in your mouth.


White and rose wine, and Champagne bottles are opened in ice buckets while Red wine bottles should be opened on a hard surface. Red Wine bottles need not be cleaned or dusted before opening.


Red wines corks are sniffed to make sure the wine has not spoiled, which give the corks an unpleasant smell. Refrigerated white and rose wine corks will not smell and hence need not be smelt.

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