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Washing off the Stains



Rain. Water drops falling from the sky.

It drizzles. It wets. It refreshes.

It showers. It pours. It soaks. It washes.


That’s what rain is. It’s a source of life. Without it, life is almost impossible.

The rain keeps the fountains and springs gushing, the streams flowing and the crops growing. Without it, where would we be?


As it pours in Kathmandu, I watch from within the comfort of a building. Dry and secure, I watch as puddles become streams. The streams start flowing through the gutters, and finally mix up in a river. The river itself, fed by the rain and countless such streams swells thrice its size. My thought reaches out to our brothers in the Terai, who at this time of the year must be facing its onslaught. Tomorrow, when the rain stops, people will be asking for donations to help flood victims. If we fellow Nepali’s don’t help or own country men, then who will?


Only three days ago, on the second of September, a series of bomb blasts shook the city. The explosions have torn open wounds that only time will heal. It’s still fresh in our minds, but as at this moment, the rain is distracting us from it.


As I look out the window, I see people commuting in rain coats and under umbrellas, trying to carry on with life. Friends can be seen sharing an umbrella and people squeezing into public transport, all to stay out of the rain. When it rains, every commuter understands the problem of the other. The conductor, who always gets scolded for squeezing in too many, gets away with it today. Shopkeepers kindly allow pedestrians to shelter in their shops. Everywhere, everyone is at the moment occupied with keeping dry. We may not be aware of it, but this, in a way is the spirit of comrade.  


To unite when trouble befalls, to help each other when the need arises, this is what we need. In this down pour, all this is becomes increasingly visible. The scars left by violence and hatred slowly heal and the blood stains slowly wash away as people come together, join hands and look ahead. If time heals, I believe the rain helps wash away. We should be grateful to the rain in more ways than one.




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