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Skin revealing can offend !

Showing off your skin can turn off lot of people, especially if those people are your co-workers. What you may find comfortable to wear might not be comfortable for others to see, let alone work around you!


If you’ve got a great body, congratulations! But an office is not the place to put it on display. Showing skin, especially for females can be an image destroyer. Dressing like its – can make you look like you rely on your skin for your job, and promotions you get will be looked up suspiciously.


So maintain a healthy image by making sure you’re not revealing too much of your skin.

It is advised you stay avoid wearing the following types of clothes:


Plunging Necklines: Women, unless your brains are located in your breasts, you should avoid wearing tops that reveal a lot of cleavage. Cover it up with a tank or camisole from the inside.


Open-Back Tops and Dresses: Yes, cover your back too. It’s acceptable at an office party but definitely not for work!


Chest Hair: Guys, Salman Khan shaved his, so what are you going to do by exposing yours? Exposing excess chest hair went out of style like ages ago.


See-Through Shirts: Wearing see through shirts to office may get your clients attention for the wrong reasons but is not the going to get them see through your idea!


Belly Shirts: Let the management team see the hard work you put in your work, not in your situps.


Low-rise Pants: Cover up your behind and leave your Low-rise pants behind at home.


Mini Skirts / Shorts: Briefly stating, shorts and mini skirts aren’t the best way to illustrate your bottom line. However, don’t lose hope beautiful women…women’s business suits have skirts which are acceptably short impressive.


So keep these in mind and save your image and career.




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