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Manners of a fine cubicle neighbor


The worst thing about working in a cubicle is that it often tricks you into thinking that you’ve got some privacy! Besides being a small and congested excuse for an office space, cubicles lack privacy and can be an irritating experience if the coworker next door (cubicle) turns out to be a noisy fellow or an eaves dropper. If you happen to have a cubicle for your work space, here are some points to keep in mind to be at the best of your behavior.


Speak softly:

Whether you are talking to a person face to face or by phone (or perhaps just humming a tune to yourself), be aware of the volume of your voice. Loud noises can be very disturbing and distracting, and effect the concentration of those around you. Also, if someone else is on the phone, your voice may cause confusions.


Phone mannerism:

Do not use the speaker phone as the people in the surrounding cubicles will have to bear with two voices at once.

If you’re going to be on the phone for a long time, turn off your cell phone. That way even if you’re not able to receive it at once, the ring tone will not disturb others.

Do not leave your cell phone in the office, and make use of an answering machine. An unattended ringing cell phone or telephone is a big nuisance.


Hear nothing, speak nothing

You may not be able to completely screen off conversation that you happen to overhear, but as a sign of respect, pretend that you didn’t hear a word about it. And obviously, that means you mustn’t repeat what you heard to others!  


Aroma alert

Sound isn’t the only thing that can distract your neighbors. Smells can be equally disturbing too. Assuming that you don’t wear smelly socks or you don’t have body odor, keep in mind that over spraying of perfume of aftershave can be irritating for others. Keep all sorts of scents to a minimum and avoid using strong ones.


Knock, knock

When you need to visit a colleague in his cubicle, always check if he isn’t busy first. Yes, it may be just a cubicle and may not have a door, but it is respectful to knock before you call out his name. That cubicle is his office and it should be treated so.




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