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When asking for a raise

Everyone does it - compare their salary and perks to their co-workers. Many an office frustration is caused by varied salary ranges to the same level employees. Although corporate houses have pretty strict HR policies, staff always manage to get a leak of the salary chart. The question is, if you think you are being underpaid and want a raise - would it be right to mention a co-workers pay?
Career counselors advise it not wise to do so. If a colleague is drawing more than you, either he has better qualifications or is perceived as a performer with high market value. Compensation is most often based on a candidate's last salary, your colleague was probably receiving more in her previous job and hence your employer may have had to pay her more in the bargain. So, it is in your best interest not to compare.
You know your market value and if you feel strongly about not being paid enough, experts advise to have a talk with your Boss, without mentioning your co-worker.

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